These wines are the result of the winemakers’ work and choices to ensure a high quality product. The experience of the winemakers is very important, they start working in the vineyard, in symbiosis with the agronomists and the owners, they taste the grapes and decide the way to get the best out of them.

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CORTE VITTORIO wine selection is dedicated to Ferasin Vettorino, the grandfather of Daniele. Grandpa Vettorino, known as VITTORIO, was an entrepreneur since his youth.
He was born in 1921, in VO’ (Padova), in the Euganean Hills, in a family of wine growers.

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CORTE VITTORIO represents the Italian tradition with the desire to provide a complete range for the international wine market, a great portfolio of wines with a contemporary look.

Daniele Ferasin, grandson of Vittorio, not only produces wine from his own grapes but has also been dealing with post-vinification services (bottling, labelling) for other wineries fo years. Thanks to his job, he had the opportunity to travel across Italy and to engage with many specialists of the Italian wine world.

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