The Brand

The image shown on the label, emblem of all our selections, represents grandpa Vittorio with a glass of wine in his hand. He looks with satisfaction at the result of his work, the vineyard, which grows lush. Grandpa Vittorio represents the tradition, the continuity, a genuine agriculture and the tenacity of a business man with professional relationships in the entire country. He is represented as a farmer who oversees and, at the same time, admires his own creation.

The illustration has a poetic strain: wine is associated to the charm of nature. The wine seems to be a mirror through which it get a glimpse into the place where everything is born, expressed by the rising sun. The label portrays Vittorio in a contemporary way.

The style derives from Cubism, a fresh and hip image in the wine packaging, a reminiscence of the labels that the famous artist Fortunato Depero had dedicated to Campari in the 30s.