The History Our origin

CORTE VITTORIO wine selection is dedicated to Vettorino Ferasin, the grandfather of Daniele. Grandpa Vettorino, known as VITTORIO, was an entrepreneur since his youth.

Memories Love for the land

He was born in 1921, in VO’ (Padova), in the Euganean Hills, in a family of wine growers. Since teenage Vittorio proved to be a prominent man in farming entrepreneurship. During the second world war he fought in Sicily, where he was imprisoned until the American liberation. After the war, together with the American soldiers, he travelled across Italy and met many people and visited different places across the country. In the late 40s he moved to Tuscany, in Castellina in Chianti, together with his wife Sofia and his large family (13 siblings).

There he purchased a vineyard and a cellar, and the business became successful. However, Veneto, his home land, was still in his heart. So in 1956 he decided to come back to the Euganean hills, where he bought an estate of 10 hectares and he started to produce the typical wines from the area: sweet Moscato, white wines (mainly Prosecco) and red ones Cabernet, Merlot, Raboso.

Thanks to his numerous personal contacts and family links, he built a commercial network in the wine world, ranging from Sicily to Abruzzo, Toscana, Emilia and Veneto.